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SINOCONST5 Party Committee ignited “go to grass root level to give Party Lecture” Event


At 13:30, July, 26, 2017, at the video conference room on the fourth floor of SINOCONST5 a meeting of “going to grass root level to give Party Lecture” Event was held。

According to the deployment of the SINOCONST5 party committees, starting from July, one party member will be arranged every month, to choose relevant subject based on their own position to give lectures in Party branch.

In the afternoon of July, 26, Corporate Party committee member, head of Party and Mass Department Wang Wenqiu directed the party class, to study the speech given on party building in state enterprises work conference by President Xi.


Party members in Hefei of three corporate branches participated in the class, they studied together the 12 articles of requirements that President Xi proposed in the Party building in state-owned enterprises working conference: state-owned enterprises two "one idea carrying out throughout", state-owned enterprises to adhere to the "three to benefit", "six forces" that state enterprises must have, the party building work "four insist", "Chinese characteristics" modern state-owned enterprises system, leadership style of the Party to state-owned enterprises, to strengthen supervision and management of state-owned enterprise leaders, insist on wholeheartedly relying on the working class policy, the requirements of the leadership of state-owned enterprises, cultivation of leaders of state enterprises, strict governance of the Party over the state-owned enterprises under "four requirements", responsibilities of party at all levels etc. 12 new requirements. In the meantime, they reviewed and compared seriously phenomena of weakening, diluting, blurring and marginalizing party building work in state enterprises and in a few state enterprises, party committee has turned “joining in decision” to “foil decision” pointed out by President Xi, to make effort to promote corporate party building work.

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